We are asked the same questions over and over again when people are offered Wooden or log buildings. Those questions, and our answers are listed below for you to make your own mind up!

Of course they must be cold and uninviting!?

Our homes have been used for hundreds of years in the coldest places on earth. Think of Siberia, the frozen Russian plains, deepest Finland - people all live in timber homes offering the best possible insulation and warmth for harsh environments. Even Father Christmas lives in one!

They are a fire risk aren' t they?

Mbarkk timber homes are classified to all building standards and as such are not considered to be any more of a risk than any conventional building.

They won't last very long will they?

Timber and log homes in the coldest climates on earth have been known to last for over five hundred years!!!! Timber is one of the most durable, forgiving materials to make a building out of. That is why it is one of the most frequently built type of houses in the USA!

They are environmentally unfriendly aren't they? You're using trees!!!!

All Mbarkk buildings are sourced from renewable, sustained forests. This means that for every tree used, five are planted! As members of the Association of Environment Conscious Building we work hard to ensure that every aspect of our home supply is consistent with their policies of care for the World and its people.

You're based in Sheffield - how can you supply and manage my build?

We design, source and build homes and developments throughout the UK.  Homes and Cabins can be supplied and built in France and Spain if required.

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