The Mbarkk team have worked within the timber and construction industry throughout their careers. Their knowledge of the wooden and log building market is unsurpassed and their extensive travels have taken them to meet different suppliers of wooden homes - throughout the world!

Many countries consider timber homes to be the homebuilding material of choice.  Mbarkk are determined to bring this option to the UK, with quality, performance and professionalism to the timber home building market.

It is only this experience that allows them to negotiate the best possible rates, quality and delivery for clients all over the country. Our activities present no threat to any tree species or any vulnerable habitats such as the tropical rain forests. As members of the Association of Environment Conscious Builders we ensure that we source our houses only from suppliers who work with renewable sustainable forests - in general for every tree cut down there are five planted to ensure continuity of this essential natural resource.

We can work from supplied drawings or can work closely with our clients to develop the perfect solution with them. From the initial brief our architects and designers can work up the finished building specification and working drawings for submission to planning authorities.


The Mbarkk service

• Initial Consultancy and

• Design and Development

• Planning and Site

• Sourcing

• Transport and

• Build Management

• Refurbishment

• Budget Management


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